i-131 Treatment Process

Video Overview: Please watch this informational video (on YouTube) about the i-131 process by Dr. Mike Dutton, DVM, MS, DABVP, who runs the Radioactive Iodine Unit at VCA-CAVES.

By State and Federal law, your cat does need to stay with us in strict radioactive isolation for approximately one week.

Your Cat's Hospitalization

The reason your pet must stay in isolation while here is that they are radioactive. This radioactivity reduces to a safe level for the general population within one week. While here, one of our trained staff will be acting as a ‘surrogate mother’ to your pet. This staff member has been trained in radiation safety and can be in the isolation room with your cat.

Things you can bring:

Things we provide:

Post-Treatment Care

Upon release, you will be given detailed instructions on how to handle your cat. These are very easy to do. Your pet does have a very low level of radiation for approximately 2 more weeks. The amount of radiation is equal to the amount spent at a day at the beach. The potential risk to you is very remote but these rules required by State and Federal Radiation laws.

Reference Materials

Please click here to view information about your pet's i131 treatment.

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